Brands & Exhibitors featured at the PB Tech Expo 2020

ASUS Hardware 
World-famous for making the #1 best-selling motherboards, a talented team of engineers have made Asus into a globally acclaimed brand. Come and check out the latest array of award-winning products including an incredible new TUF Gaming design, the latest Dual Screen Zenbook Laptop series, Modern Vivobook Laptops, the top-rated ROG PHONE II and more in their booth plus tonnes of expo-exclusive deals on everything ASUS!

AMD Components
Advanced Micro Devices - better known as AMD - are coming to PB Tech Expo 2020! With some of the most popular CPU and GPU options available right now - gamers and PC hobbyists will be able to check out all the new Ryzen core processors and just released Radeon RX graphics at their massive booth, chatting with AMD techs about what will work best in your PC and testing out all the latest gear! With an amazing range of hardware on display, this is the ideal place to start researching the ultimate new PC build before heading to the Tech Expo 2020 PC Workshop.

DIY Gaming PCs
Calling all PC Gaming Enthusiasts & Builders – Cooler Master will be showcasing their newest gaming gear, cases & exceptional cooling components while hosting a massive booth store! Stars of the 2019 event, the CM team have upped their game for 2020 and are bringing even more awesomeness to the PB Tech Expo - So get ready for Giveaways, Exclusive Prototypes, Expo Deals, and MORE!

Logitech G
Logitech G is a team focused on pushing the boundaries of performance and exploring the possibilities of play, and they've got some of the best (and most expensive) gaming gears in the world! Get hands-on with it all, try out the epic new G915 Mechanical Wireless RGB Keyboards, go full 1ms LIGHTSPEED without wired, play on mousepads that re-charge, push the limits with HERO 16K sensors for the most accurate FPS aiming you've ever experienced! And once you've had a go with the best - enjoy an outstanding Tech Expo Deal on your favourites!

MSi Laptops
Celebrate with us and join the MSi Team at Tech Expo 2020! For the first time in NZ, you'll be able to get hands-on with the latest Alpha, Stealth, Raider and TITAN series laptops (and maybe a new limited edition, but that's still super-secret!). With experts on hand to take you through the latest Modern Prestige Laptop models, which is perfect for content creators, and also available in an eye-catching PINK - come join in on the fun with awesome MSi giveaways and surprise activities throughout each day too! 

HTC Vive Pro VR
Experience the immersive, incredible world of Virtual Reality with an incredible event setup that includes the most expensive VR Setup from HTC - the Vive PRO EYE + Wireless! With multiple Vive systems set up throughout the event, there has never been a better time for you to come along and try it out for yourself. Educate, explore worlds, play games, engage and be entertained like nothing you’ve ever seen before, then enjoy the amazing expo deals and special event only bundles!

HyperX Gaming Gear
Try the best in HyperX gaming gear at the PB Tech Expo 2020! The HyperX team is bringing their incredibly expensive Orbit S Headset, packed full of new technology that monitors the tiniest head movements, providing pinpoint tracking within game audio environments to deliver sound positioning that moves with you! This is so impressive, it really has to be experienced to believe just how great it is - and you'll be able to at the HyperX Booth along with amazing deals on even more great HyperX gear!

DIY Gaming PCs
Corsair are celebrating the glory of PC Gaming with the latest in pure, unadulterated iCUE RGB and of course free swag! See the latest chassis and full system designs, try out their very smart LED controllers, the latest range of Platinum keyboards, Elite mice, Void headsets and game capture devices - you can even grab yourself a great Tech Expo deal here too!

Drone Battle Zone
Everyone’s favourite drone makers DJI will be at the PB Tech Expo 2020, so get ready to fight each other for prizes with the latest DJI RoboMaster S1 Drones - a game-changing educational robot inspired by DJI's annual RoboMaster robotics competition! The S1 provides users with an in-depth understanding of science, math, physics, programming, and more through captivating gameplay modes and intelligent features - and it's got awesome weapons - so be prepared to battle it out with fellow Tech Expo attendees for bragging rights and prizes!

Custom PC Workshop
The massive PC Gaming workshop returns to PB Tech Expo 2020 and this year you can join in and learn about PC assembly. With a range of components to suit an array of budgets and some absolutely crazy Tech Expo deals to enjoy, you'll be able to design and build (or have the team build it for you) your very own DREAM PC BUILD!

Latest Laptops and Glorious AORUS!
Fulfilling gamers' hardcore gaming needs, the Gigabyte team brings the full, top tier AORUS experience! The team will be showing off an array of monstrous gaming machines powered by the AORUS enthusiast-grade motherboards, highest-end graphics cards and the latest water cooling kits.

Razer Experience
Razer is the world leader in high-performance gaming hardware, software and systems. Come join the team and try out the new Deathadder V2 Gaming Mice, Mercury Blade Laptops and more! With incredible setups and professional advice, you can even be amongst the first to play with something totally awesome, the worlds lightest GTX 16XX series laptops - Blade Stealth 14!

DX Racer Experience
The team from DX Racer have shipped their mighty DX Racer Coding POD to Tech Expo 2020 and you'll be able to try it out for yourself in the Gaming Zone! It’s sleek, sophisticated, and absolutely stunning. With futuristic looks that will put ahead of the game. The footrest and axis tilt is controlled by a 4 button system so you adjust to your favorite position. You will be completely immersed in the zero-gravity feature and Bluetooth sound system integrated right into the seat!

Acer Predator Gaming
Predator is the newest product series dedicated to PC Gaming from Acer: Desktop, Notebook, Tablet and Monitors designed for a complete gaming experience - and they're coming to Tech Expo! Check them out and see for yourself how premium gaming devices make your gaming experience that much better.

HP Experience
Proudly NZ's #1 laptop brand, see the best of the best from HP at their booth with a range of awesome new options! Get hands-on with the hardcore HP Omen and stylish Pavilion Laptops for gamers, see the best new Modern PC options for home, study, leisure and entertainment, they've even got premium business models ready to check out such as the new, ultra-light HP Dragonfly! 

Huawei Experience
The Huawei team will be at the PB Tech Expo showing off their incredible new Foldable Phone, and super-fast 5G options from the new Mate 30 and P30 Pro! With experts on hand and ready to show off all the amazing features at their booth, this one is sure to be packed full of massive Tech Expo deals, exclusive bundles and more!  

Make way for the next generation: Check out the latest external graphics card enclosures that'll turn the popular Intel NUC mini PC into fearsome gaming machines!

Premium Laptops
Lenovo bring a showcase of their top-selling and most-powerful laptops to the PB Tech Expo 2020, including YOGA, ThinkPad, ThinkBook, Carbon and top tier X1 editions for the ultimate Lenovo shopping experience. 

Everyday Peripherals
All the computer peripherals you could ever need will be in one handy place: The DEAL ZONE! Whether you’re a gamer, office worker, educator or regular consumer who owns a computer, Logitech will be showcasing a range of everyday products tailored for everyone.

UE Booms
One UE Boom is cool. Two is even cooler. Come check out the crazy Tech Expo deals on these extremely popular portable wireless  Bluetooth speakers, with 360 degrees sound that fills a room with big bassy sound. You can even pair multiple BOOM speakers together for a massively loud experience! See the full range, and nab a great deal, in the DEAL ZONE!

Smart Home EcoSystem
See the future of home appliances from Xiaomi, who will be showcasing their range of Smart Home products at their booth. From advanced robotic cleaners, air & water purifiers to smart lighting, WiFI Routers, kitchen appliances and health products, Xiaomi will have it all plus those crazy Tech Expo Deals we all love!

Surface Range
The stunning Surface range will be on display at the Microsoft booth, including the new Surface 3 series, which is now available in a range of colours and sizes, while chatting with experts about all the new features, latest accessories and more from Microsoft.

Samsung Experience
Samsung brings its impressive ecosystem to the PB Tech Expo 2020 event! Be amongst the first people in NZ see the new, unreleased, mobile smart devices (super secret stuff we can't wait to show you!) The Samsung Team will be on hand to take you through their exclusive features in TV, Smartwatch, Smartphone and more - it's all about getting hands-on with latest and best in Samsung tech!

PB Tech
New Zealand's leading technology retailer PB Tech will be hosting a range of activities featuring the latest high-end gaming PC's, Playstation & Xbox Consoles, plus the biggest & best range of smartphones as well as a massive DEAL ZONE so you can snap up crazy deals on the latest tech products.

Looking for the latest in home security products? Then look no further than the Arlo booth in the Deal Zone. As a leader in wi-fi enabled security, Arlo Technologies will be showing the very latest products & software in this space including Cameras, Doorbells, Lights and Baby Monitors.

Audio Experience
The Deal Zone featuring outstanding audio options from Sennheiser and more, with professionals ready to assist as you shop through a wide range of headphones, earphones that are part of the exclusive Tech Expo Event specials!

Professional Cameras
Come meet the Canon pros while you get hands-on to experience the new The EOS-1D X Mark III - their latest high-end, ultra-tough, hyper-fast DSLR! Talk with experts about all the latest cameras body options, incredible lenses to suit your specific style and get professional advice from the team that knows it all!

Belkin International creates products that help people enjoy and protect their favourite technology, making people’s lives better, easier and more fulfilling. Come chat with Belkin experts in the DEAL ZONE while they take you through the impressive range, finding the very best products to suit you and your needs.

Dell Laptops
The best in commercial, specialist, workstation and rugged laptops will be featuring in the Deal Zone at Tech Expo 2020. Try them out for yourselves and grab some awesome expo-exclusive deals while you're here!

D-Link Networking
Get yourself a great deal and learn about the latest that ultrafast networking has to offer homes and businesses with demo stations showcasing the incredible speeds and features that come standard in the latest products from D-Link. Smart home connectivity, wireless access for a multitude of devices and more!

A global smart home security brand, is the consumer and residentially-focused subsidiary of Hikvision. EZVIZ creates a safe, convenient and smart life for users through its intelligent devices, cloud-based platform and AI technology. The innovative products and services can be applied to homes, workplaces, stores, schools and more. EZVIZ empowers partners to share our unique cloud services and build a thriving IoT ecosystem together.

Looking for high-performance video surveillance? Looking for low price security? Look at HiLook. HiLook hits the bullseye for the entry-level video surveillance market by providing cost-effective, easy to use and reliable products and services. It’s your ideal solutions for residential and small commercial sites.

See for yourself what the latest in security camera technology has to offer homes and businesses with demo stations showcasing the incredible quality and features that come standard in the latest products from HK-Vision. Smart home security, privacy guards, wireless access for a multitude of devices and more!

Huion utilizes proprietary electromagnetic handwriting input technology and has developed a range of popular drawing tablets.

Hardwired Security
Since 1992, when Kensington first invented the laptop lock, their locks and cables set the gold standard in lock and security solutions, check out the latest in lockables at the Kensington booth.

NETGEAR Wireless
Ready for WiFi everywhere? NETGEAR are with their Orbi WiFi Systems! Experience the latest features provided by Orbi Voice with Amazon Alexa and see for yourself how their latest family of products works within a broad range of home environments, from apartments and lofts to single-family homes and sprawling estates.

At the forefront of innovative surveillance and monitoring technology with recent new product developments including truly wire-free HD cameras and doorbells, state-of-the-art professional-quality CCTV video surveillance recording systems and cameras, including the latest 4K ultra HD, 5 and 3 Megapixel super HD, and 1080p full HD systems with True Detect heat and motion-sensing technology.

The Symantec Corporation are the developers of the popular Norton software suite which provides anti-virus, anti-malware and more protective services.

Smart Network EcoSystem
Whether you are running a business, setting up a smart home or you just love technology, TP-Link has the solution for you. We are showcasing the latest in ultrafast networking tech, mesh networking and new smart home products, we’ll also demo our streamlined networking solutions for your business. Drop by our booth to get your hands on these new products and talk with our friendly team!

Graphics Tablets
If you're a keen artist, professional illustrator or just love graphics tablets, come and visit the Wacom booth at the PB Tech Expo - they'll have the best graphics tablets on the market ready and waiting to demo.